Section of Enviromental Health

The section carries out basic research on environment and health throughout the life course, with methods ranging from experimental models to register-based epidemiology. The priority of the section is to contribute to future public health and prevention with original research and training of talented researchers.

The overall objective of the section is to generate new knowledge and awareness of the importance of the environment for public health through research, education, and knowledge dissemination.








The Section is organized into 3 research units/groups

The Unit of Medical Psychology
The Unit of Medical Psychology does research and teaching in a broad range of topics in the fields of psychology that are particulary relevant for medicine and other health sciences.
Research Group Leader: Associate Professor Trine Flensborg-Madsen

Environmental Epidemiology group
The Environmental Epidemiology group conducts research and teaching in general epidemiological methods based on the use of Danish health registers and clinical databases, with specific research focus on environmental epidemiology, cancer screening evaluation, human biomonitoring, and occupational epidemiology.

Research Group Leader: Professor Zorana Jovanovic Andersen.

Molecular Epidemiology and Toxicology Group
The group's research focuses on mechanisms of action of environmental agents, using cell cultures,  experimental laboratory models and controlled human exposures. The research strives to use experimental models to reduce or replace animal experiments.
Research Group Leader: Professor Peter Møller


Human Biomonitoring for Europe (HBM4EU).
Contact: Professor Lisbeth Knudsen














Head of Section

Gert Martin Hald
Associate professor 

Phone +45 35 33 72 13
Mobile +45 28 73 13 17


Name Title Phone E-mail
Amini, Heresh Assistant Professor +4535321316 E-mail
Andersen, Zorana Jovanovic Professor with special responsibilities +4535327669 E-mail
Bergmann, Marie PhD Fellow +4535324053 E-mail
Carlsen, Lisbeth Bille Laboratory Technician +4535327655 E-mail
Cipric, Ana PhD Fellow +4535334626 E-mail
Cole-Hunter, Tom Postdoc +4552802608 E-mail
Flensborg-Madsen, Trine Associate Professor +4535327929 E-mail
Garde, Ellen Guest Researcher +4535336163 E-mail
Hald, Gert Martin Head of Section +4535337213 E-mail
Hell, Kristine Research Assistant +4535335136 E-mail
Hoff, Casper Heiselberg Student +4535335093 E-mail
Ivanouw, Jan External Researcher   E-mail
Jensen, Annie Laboratory Coordinator +4535327650 E-mail
Jensen, Hans Henrik Associate Professor Emeritus +4535327930 E-mail
Jørgensen, Jeanette Therming Postdoc +4535335530 E-mail
Knudsen, Lisbeth E. Professor +4535327653 E-mail
Lawrence, Julie Hansen Laboratory Technician +4535337208 E-mail
Lim, Youn Hee Assistant Professor +4535336862 E-mail
Liu, Shuo Research Assistant +4535322170 E-mail
Loft, Steffen Professor +4535327649 E-mail
Lynge, Elsebeth Professor +4535327635 E-mail
Mathiesen, Line Associate Professor +4535327657 E-mail
Mortensen, Erik Lykke Professor Emeritus +4535327839 E-mail
Møller, Peter Professor +4535327654 E-mail
Napolitano, George Maria Academic Research Staff +4535328154 E-mail
Okholm, Gunhild Tidemann Postdoc +4535330803 E-mail
Revsbech, Rasmus Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Roursgaard, Martin Associate Professor +4535327989 E-mail
So, Rina Research Assistant   E-mail
Strizzi, Jenna Marie Assistant Professor +4535324927 E-mail
Søberg, Marie Louise Division Secretary +4535320174 E-mail
Taghavi Shahri, Seyed Mahmood Postdoc +4535330501 E-mail
Torero Gutierrez, Claudia Andrea PhD Fellow +4535326865 E-mail
Wils, Regitze Sølling Teaching Assistant   E-mail
Wimmelmann, Cathrine Lawaetz Assistant Professor +4535327486 E-mail
Wörtwein, Gitta Associate Professor +4535327484 E-mail
von Euler-Chelpin, My Catarina Associate Professor +4535327670 E-mail
Øverup, Camilla Stine Postdoc +4535335174 E-mail