Section of Epidemiology

Epidemiology is a fundamental science for understanding the health status of individuals and populations. It is an essential discipline to unravel individual risks and improve clinical care as well as understand determinants of public health and how to prevent the burden of disease.

Section of Epidemiology contributes to the development of the field of theoretical epidemiology, with a specific focus on causal inference, complexity and life course epidemiology. The dynamic interplay between genes, environment and health across the life course and across generations are objects of research in the section.




The section ultimately aims at improving public health by contributing to development of the knowledge base about the determinants of health and disease, the modifiability of these determinants, and the potential utility of transferring this knowledge to public health actions. 

We aim to exploit and enrich the existing population data and we benefit from the unique ability to link registers in Denmark. Our research is interdisciplinary and we strive to incorporate the knowledge and insights from other disciplines into our research. We also aim to explore the possibilities of innovative technologies to collect and incorporate ‘big data’ into epidemiological thinking.

Our research is organized in the following groups/themes:

Perinatal, Obstetric and Pediatric Epidemiology (PI: Professor Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen): Research on health effects of early exposures in a life-course perspective.

Microchimerism epidemiology (PI: Associate Professor Mads Kamper-Jørgensen): Research on foreign cells and their role in women’s and children’s health, based on biological samples.

Complexity and Big Data in Epidemiology (PI: Professor Naja Hulvej Rod): Research on the complex social and biological mechanisms determining health and disease based on high-resolution data.  

Healthy Ageing (PI: Rudi Westendorp): Research on ageing mechanisms and risk factors for functional decline among older people.

Obesity Epidemiology (PI: Thorkild IA Sørensen): Research on theory and epidemiology of obesity, its genetic and environmental causes, metabolic correlates, and psychosocial and health consequences.

Early life Environmental Epidemiology (PI: Associate Professor Marie Pedersen): Research on health effects of environmental exposures during early life.

Computational and mathematical global health (PI: Samir Bhatt)A world leading group that focuses on a diverse range of topics. The group research at interface between computer science, mathematics, biology and epidemiology.

BIO-EPI (PI: Majken K. Jensen): The BIO-EPI research group is focused on bridging wet- and dry- lab data for the improved understanding of the underlying biology in non-communicable diseases.







Section of Epidemiology coordinates teaching and training in epidemiology at various levels. Our aim is to empower the students with the critical thinking and methodological skills they need to address future public health challenges and improve clinical practice. Education is a lifelong process and we offer qualified training at all levels from undergraduate and graduate teaching to post graduate training of researchers and clinicians.

The faculty in the Section of Epidemiology engages in mentoring of students and early career researchers and we offer supervision of research projects at all levels from educational projects (e.g. Bachelor or Master theses) to PhD theses.

Section of Epidemiology contributes with specific courses to the following educational programs at the Faculty of Health Sciences:

  • Medicine
  • Bachelor and master of Public Health Science
  • Bachelor in Health Informatics
  • PhD in Medicine

On this page, you will find an overview of project proposals and internship opportunities that the Department of Public Health offers to bachelor's, master’s, and research year students.



















Epidemiological seminar series 2023

Thursdays 3 to 4 pm, followed by drinks and networking.

20 April: The genetics of obesity: From genes to biology and precision medicine
Professor and Vice Executive Director Ruth Loos, Novo Nordisk Foundation for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

25 May: The development of eating disorders in adolescence: Disentangling risk factors
Nadia Micali - Professor and Head of Research in Eating Disorders, Psychiatric Center Ballerup, Mental Health Services of the Capital Region of Denmark

Everyone is invited to join us for a glass of wine and epidemiological networking after the seminar.
Participation is free and open to everyone. The seminar is arranged by the Section of Epidemiology and the Graduate Program in Public Health and Epidemiology.

These seminars are organized in collaboration between the Graduate Program in Epidemiology and Public Health and the Section of Epidemiology at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.
Please sign up to the mailing list with updates about location and titles for the upcoming seminars by sending an e-mail to Kathe Jensen (

Click here to see a list of previous seminars.
















Picture of head of section

Head of Section:

Mads Kamper-Jørgensen
Associate Professor

Phone +45 35 32 73 91


Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Thea Otte PhD Student +4535330546 E-mail
Bartholdy, Andreas PhD Fellow +4535321634 E-mail
Bennetsen, Signe Kær Research Assistant +4535326108 E-mail
Bhatt, Samir Professor +4535322134 E-mail
Birkmose, Anna Rubach Academic Staff   E-mail
Cadman, Timothy James Postdoc   E-mail
Chakradeo, Kaustubh Sanjay PhD Fellow +4535329230 E-mail
Clotworthy, Amy Assistant Professor +4535337792 E-mail
Curran-Sebastian, Jacob Liam Postdoc +4535328776 E-mail
Davies, Megan Postdoc +4535331278 E-mail
Drews, Henning Johannes Assistant Professor +4535331438 E-mail
Dyhr, Line Marie Toft Research Assistant +4535333282 E-mail
Elsenburg, Leonie K. Assistant Professor +4535323117 E-mail
Groot, Jonathan Postdoc +4535327030 E-mail
Guasch Ferre, Marta Associate Professor +4535327180 E-mail
Hjorthøj, Carsten Associate Professor +4535335830 E-mail
Hruza, Johannes Martin PhD Fellow +4535333062 E-mail
Jensen, Kathe Secretary +4535327904 E-mail
Jensen, Majken Karoline Professor +4535330681 E-mail
Joensen, Andrea PhD Fellow +4535327313 E-mail
Kaltoft, Klara Student FU   E-mail
Kamper-Jørgensen, Mads Associate professor, Head of Studies +4535327391 E-mail
Katsiferis, Alexandros PhD Fellow   E-mail
Khurana, Mark Poulsen PhD Fellow +4535329156 E-mail
Kreshpaj, Bertina Postdoc +4535327364 E-mail
Kristiansen, Luise Cederkvist Data Manager +4535327059 E-mail
Lange, Peter No job title VIP +4535337236 E-mail
Loft, Laura Mathilde Ingerslev Student FU +4535321673 E-mail
Madsen, Trine Associate Professor +4535336269 E-mail
Meng, Lingfa Academic Staff +4535335188 E-mail
Mikkelsen, Nadia Mirsharghi Student +4535331150 E-mail
Mortensen, Laust Hvas Professor +4535327737 E-mail
Moseholm, Kristine Frøsig PhD Student +4535332118 E-mail
Møller, Amalie Lykkemark Visiting PhD Student +4520717014 E-mail
Nguyen, Long Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535335402 E-mail
Nielsen, Jane Lykke Student FU   E-mail
Nielsen, Pernille Yde Postdoc +4535334332 E-mail
Nybo Andersen, Anne-Marie Professor +4535326765 E-mail
Olsen, Sjurdur F. Professor +4535326430 E-mail
Osler, Merete Clinical Professor +4538633280 E-mail
Pallesen, Anna Vera Jørring PhD Fellow +4535336984 E-mail
Pedersen, Marie Associate Professor +4560155545 E-mail
Petersen, Gitte Lindved External Postdoc +4535337224 E-mail
Rasmussen, Trine Damsted Postdoc +4535334745 E-mail
Rod, Naja Hulvej Professor, Head of Section +4535326735 E-mail
Scheidwasser, Neil Alexandre PhD Fellow +4535332817 E-mail
Schmidt, Lise Kristine Højsgaard Academic Staff +4535334666 E-mail
Strandberg-Larsen, Katrine Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535326078 E-mail
Sørensen, Thorkild I.A. Professor Emeritus +4593565934 E-mail
Trius Soler, Marta Postdoc +4535327345 E-mail
Urhøj, Stine Kjær Academic Research Staff +4535327142 E-mail
V Varga, Tibor Associate Professor +4535327739 E-mail
Westendorp, Rudi GJ Emeritus +4535331370 E-mail
Zucco, Adrian G. Postdoc   E-mail