The Danish Conscription Database - DCD

The Danish Conscription Database (DCD) is based on a digitization of the conscript board records of 728.160 Danish men born from 1939 through 1959 and examined from 1957 through 1984.
According to Danish law all young men are to have their physical and mental abilities examined at the Danish Conscript Board between the ages of 18 and 26 to assess their suitability for military service. The data collected at the conscript board examinations has since 1957 been recorded in a standardized format on register cards. The information contained in the DCD includes height, weight, level of education, intelligence test score, conscript board district (see map) and time of conscript board examination.
The DCD is a large-scale national cohort which enables studies of the influence of early physical and mental exposures on adverse health and social outcomes.

The conscript board data has been collected systematically and stored with virtually no loss. Thus DCD provides extensive coverage, which is essential in the application of data for scientific research.
By using personally identifiable information, the collected conscript data can be linked to Danish national health and socioeconomic registers, and hence it is possible to follow a large group of men from early to late adulthood.



















The DCD has been described and documented in the Cohort Profile: The Danish Conscription Database (DCD)

So far data from the DCD has been applied in studies concerning the topics of obesity, metabolism, risk of diseases and cognitive ability. For instance Christensen et al 2016 (Christensen et al 2016) have found an inverse association between intelligence assessed at the conscript board and mortality from natural and unnatural (accidents, suicide, and homicide) causes. Data have also been included in large scale international population studies of trends in height (NCD-RisC Height) and weight (NCD-RisC Weight)

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