The Medical Museion supports faculty research efforts by putting health care research and practice in a national historical, cultural and aesthetic perspective.

The Museion’s research areas are medical history, medical science and technology studies, the communication of health science research, and medical museology.

We undertake research into the contemporary history and cultural context of biomedicine and medical technology. We are particularly interested in contemporary health authorities’ visual and material culture and the variety of ways that health research is communicated to the general population.

Research by the Medical Museion is integrated with the collection and documentation of the written, oral, visual, physical and digital heritage of health care services, understood broadly – e.g. biomedical research, medical clinics, pharmacies, public health institutions, hospitals, primary care providers, dental services and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. With this work, the Medical Museion fulfils its responsibility to the Heritage Agency of Denmark for documenting and preserving the country’s medical heritage.

Research is carried out in conjunction with digital research and dissemination, exhibitions, tours and other public activities in the former Royal Surgical Academy and adjacent buildings in Bredgade. The permanent exhibitions display a small portion of the Medical Museion’s large collections from the 18th to 20th century. In additional, there are special exhibitions that change regularly.

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