Medical Museion

Medical Museion is open, but due to distance requirements, there is a limited number of tickets for sale per day. Unfortunately we cannot offer public guided tours at the moment.

It is a requirement from the authorities that all visitors show a Corona Passport and ID. 
Remember to wear a face mask when visiting the museum.
Tickets must be bought online before your visit. 

The Medical Museion supports faculty research efforts by putting health care research and practice in a national historical, cultural and aesthetic perspective.

Photo from the exhibition

The Museion’s research areas are medical history, medical science and technology studies, the communication of health science research, and medical museology.







Creative Director
Ken Arnold

Phone: +45 35 33 06 92


Name Title Phone E-mail
Almind, Gert Guest Researcher +4535320878 E-mail
Arnold, Ken Director +4535330692 E-mail
Baastrup, Kathrine Academic Research Staff +4535336821 E-mail
Bech, Christoffer Gertz Museum attendant +4535333444 E-mail
Bencard, Adam Associate Professor +4535320875 E-mail
Bjerregaard, Malthe Kouassi Curator +4535320887 E-mail
Brænder, Maria Guest Researcher +4535333953 E-mail
Christensen, Maria Greibe Student FU   E-mail
Eriksen, Andreas Schmidt Student   E-mail
Formosinho, Joana PhD Fellow +4550153190 E-mail
Forsberg, Line Camilla Collection Staff, Conservator +4535326703 E-mail
Friis, Tine PhD Fellow +4593516034 E-mail
Gaardsting, Ole Henrik No job title   E-mail
Gerdes, Nanna Museum Conservator +4535320888 E-mail
Glerup, Cecilie Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Green, Ane Signe Academic Research Staff +4593509125 E-mail
Grytter, Simone Cecilie PhD Fellow +4535326084 E-mail
Grünfeld, Martin Assistant Professor +4526193946 E-mail
Hansen, Astrid Orsleff Project Coordinator +4535322059 E-mail
Hansen, Pia Burmølle Museum attendant +4535333451 E-mail
Hastrup, Vibeke Administrative Officer +4535333426 E-mail
Haugaard, Julia Student FU   E-mail
Hauser, Jens Guest Researcher   E-mail
Helm, Aslak Aamot Postdoc +4535327426 E-mail
Henriksen, Anders Emil Klitgaard Collection Staff, Conservator +4535337713 E-mail
Hussey, Kristin Diana Postdoc   E-mail
Jensen, Anne Bernth Academic Research Staff +4535331287 E-mail
Jensen, Maria Thode Attendant   E-mail
Jørgensen, David Peter Flørli Student   E-mail
Jørgensen, Mie Head of Administration +4535323811 E-mail
Lillemose, Jacob Museum inspector +4535336836 E-mail
Lindow, Susanne Guest Researcher   E-mail
Meyer, Ion Head of Collections, Curator +4535323804 E-mail
Mogensen, Jytte Bentson Administrative Officer +4535335829 E-mail
Nielsen, Cecilie Linjordet Intern +4535326376 E-mail
Nielsen, Mathias Student FU   E-mail
Nygaard, Nikoline Student +4535331941 E-mail
Nygaard, Nikoline Student FU +4535331941 E-mail
Pedersen, Bente Vinge Senior Consultant +4535323821 E-mail
Pedersen, Caroline Holm Student FU   E-mail
Poulsen, Nina Marie Administrative Officer +4535333370 E-mail
Riel, Charlotte Administrative Officer +4535323800 E-mail
Riisom, Maiken Ploug Collection Staff, Conservator +4535326662 E-mail
Roseth, Solveig Korsgaard Student FU   E-mail
Schjøtt-Wieth, Amalie Suurballe Collection Staff, Conservator +4593509529 E-mail
Scott-Fordsmand, Helene PhD Fellow   E-mail
Silva, Eduardo José B de Abrantes Guest Researcher   E-mail
Sondin Klausner, Guston PhD Fellow +4535326305 E-mail
Stampe, Anne-Sofie Academic Research Staff +4535330241 E-mail
Stromark, Josefine Rahbek Academic Staff   E-mail
Söderqvist, Thomas No job title +4535323801 E-mail
Tovgaard, Julie Wouwenaar Academic Research Staff +4535337281 E-mail
Tybjerg, Karin Associate Professor +4535323803 E-mail
Vestergaard, Juliane Conradi Student FU   E-mail
Vilstrup, Niels Christian Bech Curator +4535323867 E-mail
Whiteley, Louise Emma Associate Professor +4521126712 E-mail
Wilkes, James Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Winther, Anne Louise H. Blicher Attendant +4535323113 E-mail
Wiszmeg, Andréa Wictoria Postdoc +45+467392284 E-mail