Medical Museion

Medical Museion is a university museum under the Department of Public Health. At the museum, you can experience exhibitions and events that focus on the body, health, and disease. Through imaginative and investigative exhibitions, events, and debates, we bridge the gap between the general public and the latest research.

Medical Museion boasts one of the world's largest medical collections and works to deepen understanding of health, disease, body, and mind. The research areas of Medical Museion include medical history, medical science and technology studies, health science communication, and medical museology.

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The museum houses a diverse research environment that examines the culture and history of medical science and health thinking. The museum's interdisciplinary projects reach out to both humanities and contemporary art, investigating how these perspectives intersect with people's lives.

We research the contemporary history and cultural embedding of biomedicine and medical technology. We are particularly interested in the visual and material culture of the modern healthcare system and the diverse forms of communication between health research and the population.

Research at Medical Museion is integrated with the collection and documentation of the written, oral, visual, material, and digital cultural heritage of healthcare in a broad sense, including biomedical basic research, medical clinics, pharmacology, public health, hospitals, primary healthcare, dentistry, as well as the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. With this work, Medical Museion fulfills the national responsibility for documentation and preservation of the medical cultural heritage to the National Heritage Agency.

Research is conducted in conjunction with digital research dissemination as well as exhibitions, guided tours, and other public activities in the former Royal Surgical Academy and adjacent buildings on Bredgade.

Building History

Medical Museion is located in the former Royal Surgical Academy, which was inaugurated in 1787. Here, generations of surgery and medical students have learned about the anatomy of the human body. Until 1942, medical doctors were trained in the museum's premises.

An Award-Winning Museum

Today, Medical Museion is an internationally recognized university museum. The museum has won awards such as the UMAC Award, the VISION exhibition award from the Bikuben Foundation, the Dibner Award, and the MiD's dissemination award.



Medical Museion

Bredgade 62
1260 København K

Telephone: +45 35 32 38 00

Opening hours

Tue-Fri: 10-16
Sat-Sun: 12-16

Employees and students from KU have free access to the museum with ID card.

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The COVID19-epidemic is already a historical event, and one of the worst health crises of recent times. As the main museum of the cultural history of medicine, it is Medical Museion’s responsibility to document the epidemic for our future understanding.

If you have an object that tells us about the corona epidemic in Denmark, you can suggest that the Medical Museum collect it when the epidemic is over. To donate a physical item, fill out this contact form.


Credit Skipper Photography
Credit Guston Sondin

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Creative Director
Ken Arnold

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