The DanCHASE project (Danish Child Health And Social Equity project)

In this project we examine how health conditions during pregnancy and childhood vary according to social conditions. The aims are to describe social inequalities in children's health and to apply the knowledge of how health conditions vary with different aspects of social conditions (parents' education, income, work, age, and ethnicity) in etiologic studies of these health phenomena. The project utilizes linked register data of all children born during the last three decades in Denmark.

Contact: Professor Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen


  • Socioeconomic position, social disadvantage and pregnancy outcome – register-based studies of the social disparities in induced abortion, spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, preterm birth and low birth weight.
    Contact: PhD Fellow Josephine Funch Bilsteen
  • The father’s age at conception and the health and viability of the offspring
    Contact: Postdoc Stine Kjær Urhøj