Complexity and Big Data group

Health is a complex phenomenon and the aim of the research group is to study the social and biological factors determining health and disease and to elucidate the underlying behavioral, psychological, and physiological mechanisms that might explain these effects.

The research group works with large national and international datasets and benefits from the unique ability to link different registers in Denmark. The group includes researchers with different scientific backgrounds and employs a wide variety of epidemiological research methods.



























Research Group Leader

Naja Hulvej Rod

Phone +45 35 32 67 35


Name Title Phone E-mail
Alice Jessie Clark Lyth Guest researcher +45 353-26737 E-mail
Elin Rosenbek Severinsen Scholarship student   E-mail
Jimmi Mathisen PhD student +45 353-35339 E-mail
Leonie Koosje Elsenburg Postdoc   E-mail
Lise Kristine Højsgaard Schmidt Academic Staff +45 353-34666 E-mail
Long Nguyen Assistant professor +45 353-35402 E-mail
Nadya Dich Guest researcher +45 353-37235 E-mail
Nete Dissing Postdoc +45 353-27660 E-mail
Thea Otte Andersen Research assistant +45 40 28 39 02 E-mail
Tianwei Xu Postdoc +45 353-36295 E-mail
Tibor V Varga Assistant professor +45 353-27739 E-mail