Public Health Database at the Department of Public Health and the Research Unit for General Practice

The Public Health Database is a collection of various linked registers from Statistics Denmark and the Danish Health Data Authority and includes information about all persons in Denmark since 1980. It is a common infrastructure at the Institute providing the basis for a large number of register studies on the health of the population, determinants and consequences of diseases. The database makes it possible to study both frequent and rare health conditions, as well as to study the health status of the entire population and in specific subgroups. The Public Health Database also aims to contribute to the development of new methods to describe and analyze the health of the population and to investigate the connection between determinants and health outcomes.

The database is located on its own server at Statistics Denmark and is administered in collaboration with local data managers at the Institute of Public Health and the Research Unit for General Practice.

Read more about the terms and conditions for using the database (the document is only available in Danish). For employees at the Institute of Public Health or the Research Unit for General Practice, more information (in Danish) can also be found on the common drive (N:\SUN-IFSV-FSD).