Updates to advisory services

We have updated our booking system and service schedule.

Please read this page carefully and use the new booking system links.

Statistical Advisory Services

Are you eligible? 

The people from the Section of Biostatistics offer statistical advice to

  • Faculty, staff, post-docs, phd and master students from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (SUND), University of Copenhagen
  • Researchers at Rigshospitalet (including RH Glostrup)

Please state your affiliation in the booking form.

About these services

The best format of a statistical consultancy depends on the timing (the earlier the better), need and joint interest of your project and ranges from drop-in sessions to long-term research collaborations. We can help you with statistical problems related to the planning of a study, the design of a statistical analysis according to your research questions, applying the appropriate statistical tools to your data set, and interpreting results. 

If you are interested in establishing a formally organized collaboration with us for your research project, or if you are looking for a long-term agreement for statistical support for a multi-person research unit, you are welcome to contact the head of Section, Esben Budtz-Jørgensen to discuss funding options.

Book a consultation

Book a one-on-one meeting with a biostatistician (“All services in Statistical consultation”), or see when drop-in sessions are available (“All services in Statistical consultation drop-in”):


If there are no meetings available (that suit your schedule), we encourage you to issue a consultation request. Do this on this page (https://biostatucph.simplybook.it/v2/#book) by clicking the book button on the next available “Consultation request” service.

Researchers at Rigshospitalet who are not PhD students 

You should contact us by sending an email to rh-statsupport@sund.ku.dk. Describe your research question and where you are employed and in which position.

PHD students at rigshospitalet should use the advisory service for SUND:  https://biostatucph.simplybook.it/v2/#book

How much help you can expect

This is judged on a case to case basis by the biostatistician at the initial contact. All biostatisticians can discuss basic statistical questions, but we also have specialists for several specific research areas. At the initial contact you may be recommended to discuss your project further with a specialist. 

If there are no meetings available that suit your schedule, we encourage you to submit a consultation request. Please answer all questions of the intake form, and thoroughly describe your research project and scientific objectives. Your project will be discussed among the members of the Section of Biostatistics, and if a suitable match is found, you will be contacted directly. 

How to prepare

Please answer all questions on the booking form, and describe your research project and scientific objectives. 


If the biostatistician provides substantial input for a research article then co-authorship should be discussed based on the University of Copenhagen code for co-authorship

Note that a PhD student may be present at the meeting for training purposes. 

In many cases, the advisory service is concluded after the initial meeting, and there is no guarantee that the biostatistician will continue to support the project.