31 August 2022

New book: Global Health in a Danish Context

Book coverGlobalization is impacting all sectors of society. This include the health systems and the health and well-being of communities around the world. The purpose of this book is to promote skills, knowledge and reflections of relevance for central global health themes among Danish health professionals. Through an introduction to central issues, cases, dilemmas and discussions, the book prepares the individual health professional for future work in a globalized world. The book has a specific focus on inspiring a debate about the opportunities and challenges that globalization entails for health, health professionals and health practices in Denmark. Among the many themes covered in the 14 chapters are migrant health, medical tourism, climate and health, international mobility of health professionals and control of cross-border epidemics. The book is in Danish.

Read more about the book "Global sundhed i dansk perspektiv", by Flemming Konradsen (eds.), Dan Meyrowitsch (eds.)