2 September 2022

Podcast: The PFAS problem - From Fanø to Flint

For decades PFAS has been used in various industries. Now, we are facing the consequences of the widespread use of industrial chemicals contaminating our groundwater, and seeing the effect it has on the human body.

PFAS have been used in commercial products since the 1940s. They can be in products such as clothing, furniture, food packaging, cooking materials, electrical insulation, and firefighting foam.

In the podcast "The PFAS problem: From Fanø to Flint" WATER x FUTURE are talking with a Professor in toxicology Lisbeth E. Knudsen at the University of Copenhagen. Recently, she has been featured a lot in the Danish media due to PFAS problems on the island of Fanø in the western part of Denmark.

They are also talking to Dr. Jonatan Kleimark, Senior Chemicals and Business Advisor at ChemSec, also known as the International Chemical Secretariat - an independent non-profit organization founded in 2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The organization works towards a world free of these 'forever' chemicals.