Britt Pinkowski Tersbøl

Britt Pinkowski Tersbøl

Associate Professor / Head of Studies

Britt Pinkowski Tersbøl is a trained anthropologist and has a PhD in Public Health. BPT conducts research with a focus on the interactions between health/illness, treatment and socio-cultural aspects. For example, BPT works with exploring how health interventions and the context in which these are implemented mutually constitute each other. BPT is involved in research projects in Tanzania, Ghana and Denmark in the fields of reproductive health, chronic illness, health systems research and access to / use of medicines, inkluding antibiotics.


Director of the following courses

Public Health, 4th semester course in International Health

Global Health Masters Fieldcourse in Poland

Summercourse in Global Health challenges (2016)

Teaching and supervising in the following topics

Medical anthropology and global health
Health systems research

Reproductive health
Child health in health systems in low-and middle income countries
Qualitative research methodology
Ethics in qualitative research
Research communication and utilization
Gender and global health
Gender and reproductive health

Supervision of Global- Medical- and Public Health students

Primary fields of research

Gender, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, Child Health & Health Systems

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