Research areas

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  1. Tommy Frisgaard Øhlenschlæger

    Postgraduate clinical teaching associate professor

    Person: VIP

  2. Trine Øland

    Associate Professor

    Person: VIP

  3. Marian Ørgaard

    Associate Professor

    • Section for Organismal Biology - Associate Professor

    Person: VIP

  4. Jacob Ørmen

    Section of Digital Information and Communication

    Person: VIP

  5. Eva Kjer Ørnbo

    PhD fellow

    • Molecular Neuroscience - PhD fellow

    Person: VIP

  6. Andreas Due Ørskov

    PhD Student

    • Grønbæk Group - PhD Student

    Person: External

  7. Bjarne Ørskov

    Clinical Associate Professor

    Person: VIP

  8. Cathrine Ørskov

    Head of Department

    • Endocrinology and Metabolism - Head of Department

    Person: TAP