Clara Clipet-Jensen

Clara Clipet-Jensen

PhD fellow

I am working as a PhD student on the research programme EATus: Disordered EATing behaviors and eating disorders during adolescence - understanding severity, course and etiology. EATus investigates whether there is empirically evidence for a spectral nature of EDs, develop algorithms to predict for whom early symptoms will persist, progress into EDs or resolve across adolescence, and finally explore the etiological mechanisms underlying EDs

My supervisors are Katrine Strandberg-Larsen, the research leader of EATus from the Section of Epidemiology, and Claus Thorn Ekstrøm from the Section of Biostatistics. I am placed at both sections.

With my education in mathematical statistics, I attempt to introduce and develop methods that can handle big and different sources of data with the aim of making very accute predictions of disease, informative classification of subtypes of illness and construction of trajectories of course of illness. Being highly relevant for the research goals of EATus, I find it very interesting to implement complex statistical methods into the field of epidemiology. 

ID: 144981877