Frederik Handberg Juul Martiny

Frederik Handberg Juul Martiny

PhD Student

Primary fields of research

My research mainly concerns complex interventions with a particular focus on development and implementation within employment-oriented rehabilitation, general practice, and cross-sector, interdisciplinary collaboration. I work with quantitative and qualitative methods and have experience with project management and interdisciplinary collaboration.

I also do research into screening programs, especially screening for colorectal cancer, with a focus on the balance between harmful and beneficial effects, and I do research about overdiagnosis.

Fields of interest

I am particularly interested in:

  • Development and implementation of complex interventions
  • Collaboration across sectors, institutions and disciplines
  • Participatory approaches to research, e.g. co-design
  • Mental illness on an individual, group and societal level
  • Citizens' and professionals' experiences with employment-oriented rehabilitation
  • How social medicine and general practice approach health and illness
  • Vulnerability as a concept
  • Inequity in health
  • The beneficial and harmful effects of medical screening, especially overdiagnosis
  • Evidence-based medicine

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