Jessica Linnéa Bengtsson

Jessica Linnéa Bengtsson

Industrial PhD


My primary research interest is related to social advesity in early life and young adulthood and development of type 1 diabetes. My industrial PhD project is a collaboration between the research group of Psychosocial Epidemiology at Section for Social Medicine and the research group of Clinical Epidemiology at Steno Diabetes Center. The title of the project is Childhood Adversities and Onset of Type 1 Diabetes and adopts a life course perspective. The primary objective is to investigate the effects of social adversity and major life events experienced early in life on development of type 1 diabetes. I have previously investigated the association between dysfunctional family relations early in life and type 1 diabetes. 


I am a teaching assistant at the master's course in statistics in Public Health Science at the University of Copenhagen.

ID: 124077351