Maria Olejaz Tellerup

Maria Olejaz Tellerup

Research Coordinator

I am employed as a research coordinator at the University of Copenhagen's cross-faculty ageing research initiative. The initiative focuses on interdisciplinary, partnership-based research carried out in collaboration with a wide range of partners in the field of ageing. I work with the development and consolidation of interdisciplinary research through strategy work within fundraising, communication, relationship-building, events and research support.

I have a background in Public Health Science and a PhD degree from the University of Copenhagen within the "Culture, Medicine and Society" programme at Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Before I was appointed research coordinator, I worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Copenhagen and also have experience from the publishing industry, as well as Region Zealand, where I worked with quality improvement and patient involvement.

My research was within the areas of Medical anthropology, Science andTechnology Studies as well as more traditional health services research. I have employed both qualitative and quantitative methods in my research and have also taught a number of university courses in research methodology, analytical strategies and organisational analysis.

In my research, as in my other positions, I have developed a broad knowledge of organisational processes and an interest in supporting research that is truly collaborative and interdisciplinary, and is based on curiosity and learning.

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