Megan Davies

Megan Davies


My main research interests centre around using observational data to understand health inequalities occurring between different social groups, with a particular focus on mental health inequalities. I also focus on understanding health through an interdisciplinary lens.

Current research

My current research focuses on how exposure to adversities during childhood has implications for health through the lifecourse, using the Danish register-based cohort DANLIFE. The main research projects I am currently involved in are:

1.  The association between childhood adversity and gestational diabetes risk 

This project looks at how exposure to childhood adversities increases the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy, and whether this is mediated through depression across the different adversity trajectory groups. I am also looking at birth outcomes for women with GDM who were exposed to childhood adversity, as well as post-natal mental health. 

2. The first 1000 days of life and the risk of psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence

This research is investigating how biological vulnerabilies and adversities occurring from conception to 2 years impact the risk of developing a psychiatric disorder in childhood and adolescence. This project uses data from DANLIFE to examine patterns of adversities and how they interlink in relation to psychiatric disorders. 

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