Mette Bech Risør

Mette Bech Risør


Mette Bech Risør is a social anthropologist with several years of experience within the field of medical anthropology. Her main research interests and research experience lie within the field of illness experience for different patient groups, healthcare seeking practices and clinical encounters in the context of health systems. Recently this has converged into a special interest in bodily sensations, sensorial anthropology and the configuration of symptoms and diagnoses; diagnostic trajectories of contested disorders, and health care-seeking practices as morally situated. She links this with an interest in health discourses mediating both medical practice and patienthood. Her research interests have been applied mainly in projects concerned with mainly chronic cancer patients and patients with medically unexplained symptoms.

Risør is professor in medical anthropology at the Department of Public Health, Section for Family Medicine and the Research Unit for General Practice at the University of Copenhagen. She also occupies a 20 % position as professor at the General Practice Research Unit, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway.

Mette Bech Risør is the scientific coordinator of the network Medical Anthropology at Home, MAAH. The network has a mailinglist where you can be added (contact Mette) and we arrange bi-annual conferences different places in Europe, se here for more information: 


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