Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen

Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen

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Personal Data


Education:        PhD in Environmental Hygiene, MSc Environmental Engineering,

Date of Birth:    22 March, 1968

Languages:        Fluent in English; basic speaking and reading knowledge of German, basic speaking: Kiswahili and Spanish.

Marital status:    Married, 3 children


Areas of Expertise


Water, Sanitation and Environmental hygiene in low income countries, Disaster management, water quality/quantity guidelines, Water related diseases, sanitation systems, environmental management of irrigation, environmental/health impact assessment, heavy metals, and teaching.


Professional Experience

 2012 - University of Copenhagen. Director of COPE, Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research

2009 -               University of Copenhagen. Institute of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology. Director of studies:  Master of Disaster Management

2008-                University of Copenhagen. Institute of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology. Assistant Professor.

2006-2008         University of Copenhagen. Institute of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology. Employed to create the education Master of Disaster Management, post without research requirements

2005                 DANIDA/WHO/Institute for health research and development. Banda Ache Indonesia.  Member of mission to the Tsunami hit area, to evaluate the risk of water related diseases.

2004-2006         University of Copenhagen, Institute of Public Health, Department of International Health. Post doc. project: Human excreta use in agriculture in Vietnam - a study from the field to the latrine.

2004                 Technical University of Denmark, Department of Environment and Resources Teacher at the Course, "Environmental Engineering in Developing Countries."

2003                 Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University. Environmental Hygiene Unit. Assistant Professor. Developing course material in water, health and hygiene.

1997 - 1999       International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka Employed as a DANIDA supported Associate Expert in the Health & Environment Program. Head of water quality activities in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Conducting investigations of the association between drinking water quality/quantity and childhood health in Punjab Pakistan.

1996                BioPlan, Viborg, Denmark Employed for eight months, partly in South Africa investigating possibilities of using organic wastes for bio fuel, and in Viborg making environmental impact assessments of biogas plants.

1990 - 1996      Technical University of Denmark Tutor Assistant  "Environmental Engineering in Developing Countries."

1994                 Kampsax International/DANIDA, Copenhagen Case Consultant on the Course, "Health and Socio-Economic Aspects of Rural Water Supply"

1993                ANC, Johannesburg, South Africa Three months work for the Rural Advice Center as a rural water supply consultant.

 1990                                   Arusha, TanzaniaSecretary at a WHO Workshop on Environmental Engineering


Education and Training


2008                                     University of CopenhagenOne week course in work environment (arbejdsmiljø)

2004 - 2005     University of Copenhagen Course in academic teaching (Adjunkt pædagogikum)

1999 - 2001     Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University PhD in environmental hygiene

2000                 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Two weeks PhD course in "Advanced Course in Epidemiological Analysis "

1999                 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Five weeks PhD course in "Epidemiology and Communicable diseases" and "Data processing and analysis"

1998                 Danish Water Quality Institute One week course in "Hydraulic and Water Quality Modelling "

1996                 University of Natal, Durban, South Africa One month study at the Center for Social Development Studies.

1989 - 1995     Technical University of Denmark MSc. in Environmental Engineering.

1994 - 1995       Mangalore, IndiaFive months of fieldwork for Masters Thesis in alternative sanitation for low-income urban fringes.

1992                 Aralsk, KazakhstanThree months field studies concerning salination due to irrigation of agricultural soil surrounding the Aral Sea.

1992                 Perm, Russia Three weeks seminar concerning conversion of the military industry to an environmentally sustainable industry.

1990                 Arusha, TanzaniaFour months field studies of fluoride problems in drinking water.


Organisational Experience


2002 - 2006       Danish association for sustainable development - UBU.  Vice Chairman. Ongoing activities: Arsenic project in the West Bengal India. Water and sanitation project in Arusha Tanzania.

1992 - 1997     Board member of the NGO "Kazakhstan Society"

1990 - 1994       Technical University of Denmark Board member at the Centre for Developing Countries


Reviewer for:                       Epidemiology and Infection, Water and Health, Tropical Medicine and International Health


Environmental engineer PhD

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