Siri Jonina Egede

Siri Jonina Egede

PhD fellow

I am a PhD fellow in medical anthropology at Section for General Practice at Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. I got my Masters in Sociology from Univeristy of Copenhagen in 2016. 

Worth mentioning

I will be on maternity leave from July 2024 until May 2025.


Current research

My project has the working title HESITANT: Health Seeking for Penile Changes - Experiences of clinical encounters, cross-sectional trajectories, and symptoms from an anthropological point of view. I explore men’s experiences with penile changes focusing on experienced stigma, felt symptoms, gendered practices, and barriers to accessing health care. The qualitative data exploring patient perspective and patient intervals will be adapted for use in general practice, urology, and dermatology in order to support health professionals during assessment of penile changes and improve a patient-centered approach across sectors as part of the larger study HESMEGLE (Health Care Seeking Exploration and Intelligent Morphology Recognition to Obtain Coherent Patient Trajectory in Men with Genital Lesions). My principal supervisor is professor in medical anthropology Mette Bech Risør. My co-supervisors are assistant professor Michael Nebeling Petersen from NorS at University of Copenhagen and urologist and associate professor Jakob Kristian Jakobsen from Department of Clinical Medicine at University of Aarhus.

Possible conflicts of interest

My PhD is funded by a Novo Nordic Foundation grant as part of the project HESMEGLE. I have no conflicts of interest in this project.

Primary fields of research

As a health sociologist I have primarily worked within prevention and sexual health. I am passionate about addressing barriers to health care and improving patient experiences. I am fond of qualitative methods and especially enjoy using narrative and interactionist  approaches. I am used to working in multidisciplinary settings and enjoy the dynamics this creates.

Prior to embarking on my PhD at University of Copenhagen I worked at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine exploring adherence in the field of HIV prevention through qualitative methods. I also worked on a project exploring a best practice model for youth engagement in clinical HIV trials.

In Denmark I co-authored a report on possibilities and challenges in the interaction between LGBT+ individuals and GPs.

Most recently I have worked at JanusCentret which at the time offered counselling to children and youth with problematic sexual behaviour.

In the future I wish to continue to focus on gendered access to healthcare and barriers in health care access. I have a keen interest in research around the birthing body and the postpartum body. I wish to continue my focus on qualitative methods, patient involvement and action research.


I facilitate group teaching at the course "Introduction to the patient" for first year medical students at University of Copenhagen. 

Furthermore I facilitate support for students who are eligible for a academic mentor.


Selected publications

  1. The social life of HIV care: On the making of ‘care beyond the virus’

    Rhodes, T., Egede, Siri Jonina, Grenfell, P., Paparini, S. & Duff, C., 2019, In: BioSocieties. 14, 3, p. 321-344 24 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  2. Situating adherence to medicines: The embodied practices and hinterlands of HIV antiretrovirals

    Nicholls, E. J., Rhodes, T. & Egede, Siri Jonina, 2021, In: Sociology of Health and Illness. 43, 5, p. 1085-1099 15 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

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