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Sofie Rosenlund Lau

Sofie Rosenlund Lau


Primary research areas

Regional specialization: Denmark, West Africa (Sierra Leone)

Thematic specialization: With a master degree in social pharmacy my focus mainly lies on the role of medicines in the society. As a pharmacist I have a broad knowledge in the area of pharmaceuticals including drug discovery, development and usage. My Master’s Thesis concerned patient-centered communication in an out-patient department in rural Sierra Leone, and the thesis evoked an interest in medical anthropology including medical pluralism in relation to Western pharmaceuticals’ impact on health beliefs and health behaviour.

Current research

Project title: Paradoxes of Prevention: Disclosing statin use in Denmark

As a PhD fellow at the Department of Anthropology I am a part of the interdisciplinary project LIFESTAT Living with statins. In collaboration with associate professor Bjarke Oxlund I study consequences of a profound use of cholesterol lowering drugs in Denmark.

Statins are currently the most prescribed drugs in Denmark used to treat elevated cholesterol for the purpose of decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Elevated cholesterol is diagnosed by measuring the amount of cholesterols in the blood, and is at the same time a symptomless condition visualized only by a number though treated with life-long medication. 

At the same time, statins resonates with a trend, where more and more otherwise healthy individuals are considered to be ”at risk for” or “have risk factors for” a particular disease. More bodies are subjects to increased surveillance and the state of risk itself has become more embodied and, in other ways, more disease-like. But how do people decide on life-long therapy and the risk of severe side effects? And how does it play out in clinical practice and in everyday life? 

The PhD project belongs to the research group Health and Life Conditions at the Department of Anthropology but will be conducted in collaboration with researchers from other departments including Biomedicine, Public Health, Primary Practice and Media, Cognition and Communication.

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