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Lizell B Madsen

Lizell B Madsen

PhD fellow

The Global Health Section is a place that encompasses many different fields of global health research interest, and through an interdisciplinary approach aims to makes sense of all the topics.

The researcher presented here reflects her work place quite well. The curiosity is big, and the research interests spread wide, including both communicable and non-communicable diseases. Luckily, her primary interest, health economics, allows her to neatly connect it all and attempt to make sense of it.

Primary fields of interest:

  • Health economics
  • Mental health, prevention of suicide-related behaviour
  • Vaccines and communicable diseases

Current research:

  • Economic evaluations of interventions aimed at preventing mortality from self-poisoning in Sri Lanka, i.e. safe storage of pesticides, banning  of the most toxic pesticides available, improvement of medical case management, and follow-up contact with people who have previously attempted to commit suicide.

ID: 33873483