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Alice Jessie Clark Lyth

Alice Jessie Clark Lyth

Assistant professor

During 2016-2019 I will dig into the importance of workplace resources for employee health and wellbeing. Though this research area is hardly a new one, I hope to contribute with a greater emphasis on the application of causal models and longitudinal modeling to better determine causal relations between workplace psychosocial strain, wellbeing and health. This task will be carried out in close collaboration with researchers from the University of Copenhagen, the National Research Institute of the Working Environment, Bispebjerg University Hospital, as well as new and continuing international collaborations in Finland, Sweden, UK, and France.   

Further, I have great interest in the importance of sleep for health and disease risk - a field in which I carried out my PhD concerning mechanisms between impaired sleep and CVD as well as effects of sleep on CVD prognosis.

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