Laila Kærgaard Starr

Laila Kærgaard Starr

Academic Research Staff

Through her work at the Department of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen, Laila Starr is involved in a number of research activities within the field of health economics and health management, with a focus on issues related to health system analysis, market and public-private collaborations in health care and performance management in health care, e.g. value based health care. 

Her most current work includes a mapping of the Danish experiences with value-based health care, a feasibility study for successful implementation of value-based health care in Denmark and guidelines for innovative contracting in health care. The project is part of EiT Health and further involves integrated diabetes management and the development of new digital solutions. The project is done in collaboration with the Danish Regions, DTU and Roche Diabetes Care in Germany. 

Laila Starr is concurrently pursuing an industrial PhD within the field of health economics at the Department of Economics at Copenhagen Business School and Department of Market Access at Novo Nordisk A/S. The aim of the PhD is to find out how modern benchmarking - where multiple criteria are taken into account – can be used in drug development to select drug candidates at an early development state, which will meet the unmet medical needs of the patients and the budget constraints that payers are subject to, and minimize the development risk to manufacturers. In short: When is innovation worth it? 


Primary Fields of Research:

  • Health and pharmaco-economics
  • Health system analsysis
  • Public-private collaborations in health care including innovative contracting 
  • Performance management in health care, e.g. value based health care
  • Assessment and involvmenet of patient preferences, incl. PRO
  • Decision making in health care
  • Assessment of new health technologies herunder modern benchmarking theories (e.g. multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and health technology assessment (HTA)
  • Innovation in health
  • Digital Health

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