George Frederick Mkoma

George Frederick Mkoma

PhD fellow

After working as a clinician for couple of years, I could see myself growing my potential into clinical and population health research, particularly in understanding disease risk factors and disparities in care and treatment. My interest is to contribute in risk factors identification either in preclinical or clinical setting that may predispose individuals to certain diseases and to understand disease trajectories in populations taking into account social position, sex/gender, ethnicity and migrant status. Further to mitigate disparities in care and treatment that may arise as a result of differences in disease and risk factors exposure across populations including comparing treatment modalities in order to inform best care practices. 

Primary fields of research

Clinical epidemiology and population health.

Migrant health and ethnicity.

Healthcare disparities and assessment.

Disease trajectories and risk factors predictions.


Current research

I investigate the risk of stroke, mortality and access and utilisation of stroke care (prehospital, in-hospital and postdischarge care) among immigrants comparing with Danish-born residents using nationwide registers in Denmark. I employ various research methods such as multivariable logistic regression, quantile regression, Cox proportion hazard regression and composite score measures (opportunity-based and all-or-none) to study the research questions.

ID: 232630192