Henning Johannes Drews

Henning Johannes Drews

Assistant Professor

My general research interest concerns the link of social and societal phenomena and sleep and the resulting consequences for mental and somatic health. 

Currently, I am part of the SmartSleep project where we investigate the effects of smartphone use on sleep and health using high-resolution smartphone tracking data, questionnaire data, clinical data, and nationwide registers.   

Previously, I have participated in research on i) sleep in couple relationships (particularly on the effects of bed-sharing), ii) how sleep impacts social functioning and cognition in mental illness, iii) on digital cognitive behavioral therapy in insomnia, iv) on effects of different lighting conditions on sleep, as well as v) non-standard sleep assessment and analysis techniques such as contact-free radar monitoring and cross-recurrence quantification analysis. 

For my doctoral project I have investigated the effects of low-dose intranasally applied Losartan on stroke and neurodegenerative diseaeses.

My research has been done using various methods ranging from animal experiments to in-lab neurophysiolgical and neurocognitive measurements in humans to online psychotherapeutical interventions to  surveys. 



ID: 289372576