The ‘Me’ and the ‘We’ in Precision Medicine

For decades, precision medicine has been an anticipation holding great promises and constituting a space of ‘not yet’. While great promises keep being articulated, precision medicine is no longer only an anticipation. Genomic technologies are at the centre of different ways of personalizing and ‘precisioning’ healthcare, shaping medical infrastructures, transnational collaborations, research, clinical practices, and the lives and bodies of patients and citizens. This conference will explore the very workings of precision medicine at the intersection of local healthcare systems, transnational data economies, and pressing questions of sustainability of healthcare systems and environmental resources.

The conference will mark the completion of the MeInWe project (2017-2024). It will be an opportunity for us to present and critically review what we and our colleagues have accomplished in the field, while reconnecting and celebrating collaborations. The conference will also include conversations on the future of social studies of precision medicine and genomic technologies. 

Find the full programme here.

Contact and registration: Sif Sofie Vange,

Please note that the deadline for registration is 10 May 2024.