Anne Sofie Børsch

Anne Sofie Børsch


My research focuses on how interventions and technologies aimed at improving health and well-being translate into people's everyday practices and lived lives. 

In my recent PhD research, I examined the potentials and challenges of supporting the mental health and well-being of newly arrived migrant adolescents in Denmark through school settings. Through an ethnographic study of two classrooms, I examined how a specific classroom-based mental health intervention came to life in very different ways, in conjunction with everyday classroom practices, the hopes, desires and concerns of adolescents and teachers as well as the political and institutional conditions of the two schools. 

I am currently studying how the use of video consultations in medical specialist practice reconfigures clinical practices and patient-doctor relationships within psychiatry, gynaecology, neurology and dermatology. I examine how video consultations unsettle common understandings of the consultation room and give rise to new forms of sensory engagement, including how video consultations come to mean different things to patients, depending on their life situations and illness experiences. 

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