Christian Patrick Jauernik

Christian Patrick Jauernik

External, Ph.d Student

I am a Medical Doctor and PhD-student, and my current research concern the collaboration between General Practice an Municipal Job Centres, were I apply qualitative methods, e.g. interviews and participant observations. I teach soon-to-be General practitioners in critical reading of scientific litterature.   

My other research intererests concern screening, overdiagnosis and overmedicalization, and I have been involved in research in these areas for multiple years as part of the research group "Healthy Patients in General Practice".  

I am also employed at the Department of Social Medicine, Frederiksberg Hospital, where I preform socialmedical consultations with patients, and function as a the hospitals medical representative in the municipalities, giving medical perspectives on how to help citizens on sick leave.   

Current research

Project SISIFOS: Side by side for citizens on sick leave - a qualitative exploration of the collaboration between municipal jobcentres and general practice. 

Description: A qualitative PhD-project from 2022-2026, which will investigate the collaboration between general practice and municipal jobcentres. The purpose is to gain knowledge so the collaboration can be imrpoved, and thereby better the help for citizens onsick leave.  

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