Drude Molbo

Drude Molbo

Academic employee FU

Primary fields of research

As data administrator and project manager, my primary responsibility is anything that has to do with data, including the biological samples in the biobank CAMB

My main areas of responsibility are

  • data collection - among other things I set up programs to type data into, develop manuals to verify data from scanned questionnaires, plan projects and document data collection 
  • cleaning and merging of data into larger databases using the program SAS
  • administration of projects and permits - I pull out subsets of data or biological samples for specific analyses, coordinate between collaborators in different parts of the project, handle collaboration agreements and GDPR permits. 
  • analyses and SAS programming - I do statistical analyses and help with SAS programming problems.
  • guidance on choice of data for projects and application procedures.


Current research

I work on two projects:

  1. I am data manager on the project CAMB, Copenhagen Aging and Midlife Biobank, which is a large project headed by professor Rikke Lund and managed by Eva Jepsen.
    The project studies early aging in relation to low grade inflammation.
    Data collection was in 2009 -2011, where 7200 middle-aged men and women answered a large questionnaire, and came in for physical tests, health assessments and gave blood samples to the biobank.
    My responsibility is anything that has to do with blood samples, data management and register linkage, but we are a group of people working together on this.

  2. I am data manager on the project The Danish Conscription Database (DCD) headed by professor Merete Osler
    This project has converted conscript board archive data from 1957 to 1977 to an accessible database which can now be combined with Danish national registries containing health data to study how health varies with the IQ test results, height and weight from military conscription.

  3. I am data manager for the project STRIT about health, well-being and social relations in the housing estate Taastrupgaard.
    The project studies the effect of large structural changes (partial demolition among others) in a housing estate on the health and social life of the residents. Residents are interviewed before, during and after the changes, compared to a similar housing estate without changes and followed up in national registers. 

  4. I am one of 4 database managers on the Public Heath Database at Institute of Public Health. This is our institute's shared platform for registerbased research via Statistics Denmark.

ID: 4933763