Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox

Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Medical Ethics, in particular clinical ethics (ethical questions in a hospital setting)

Medical Humanities, in particular developing a humanistic, philosophical and aesthetic approach to medicine

Narrative Medicine, Personalized Medicine, Translational medicine

Conceptual areas of interest:

Death, mortality, the self, being, time, hope, vulnerability, creativity, intersubjectivity, the art of living and dialogue.

I am particularly interested in and working with existential phenomenology and hermeneutics, philosophy of existence and dialogue, moral and value theory, Ancient Greek philosophy and stoicism. 

Current research

Research project, September 2017-March 2022 (Semper Aude grant from the Carlsberg Foundation): Research and Ethics Lab Coordinator in project 'Personalized Medicine in the Danish Welfare State' (MeInWe). My primary task is to develop the methodology behind an ethical, investigatory forum for representatives from health and social science, clinical practice and research, public and private organizations in the health care sector, as well as to theoretically develop support for the experimental reflection and to execute the labs. See link:

ID: 35362427