Lene Koch

Lene Koch

Professor emeritus, Professor, emeritus, Emeritus


- 2000: Dr. Phil. (History), University of Copenhagen.

 - 1991: Ph.D. (Feminist studies), University of Copenhagen.

 - 1978: BA (History), University of Copenhagen.

 - 1976: MA (English literature), University of Copenhagen



Associate Professor, Head of Department, Department of health services research, Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.


Selected International research projects

 - 2009: Doing ELSI: An empirical study of ELSI research in practice. (PI Dr. Bernhard Wieser, University of Graz)

 - 2007-: What sorts of people should there be (PI Rob A. Wilson, University of Alberta, Canada). Social  Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

 - 2006 - 2009: Public Health Genetics Network (PHGEN) (PI Helmuth Brand, University of          Bielefeld). EU-Project No. 2005313.

 - 2006 - 2009: Wellcome Trust Biomedical Ethics Programme: Ethical frameworks for embryo donation: views, values & practices of IVF/PGD staff (PI professor Clare Williams, King's College, London).

 - 2005-: Expectations network, www.york.ac.uk/org/satsu/expectations/index.htm

 - 2005-: Preserving the history of human genetics, Peter Harper, Wellcome Award

 - 2005: European Science Foundation interdisciplinary workshop on "Stem cell cultures" Brigitte Nerlich, Nottingham University

 - 1999 - 2002: A study of cultural differences in evidence based medicine (PI Gail Geller, ph.d., Johns Hopkins   School of Medicine).

 - 1996 - 1999: European Network for Biomedical Ethics. BIO-MED 2. (PI professor dr. Dietmar Mieth, Ethikzentrum, Universität Tubingen).

 - 1994 - 1999: Concerted Action on Genetic Services in Europe, BIO-MED 1. (PI professor dr. Rodney Harris, Manchester University Hospital).


Selected Danish research projects

 - 2009-13: Modeling pigs and humans. Understanding human/animal connections in translational research. PI Lene Koch. Financed by FKK

 - 2007: Member of Theme group  "Food, Fitness og Farma" (PI Lotte Holm, Life). Københavns Universitet.

 - 2007 -: Member of Theme group  "Videnskab, etik og kommunikation" (PI Klemens Kappel, Hum, Københavns Universitet).

 - 2003 -: Farmakogenetik. Større tværgående forskergruppe på Københavns Universitet. PI prof dr.med. Ulrik Gether, Farmakologisk Institut, Københavns Universitet.

 - 2003 - 2008: Crafting Science: The social creation of stem cells. PI Lene Koch. Finansieret af SSF.

 - 2000 - 2003: Member of MTV-styregruppe to create national guidelines for HNPCC (hereditær non-polypøs colon cancer). PI  Mogens Sandberg, Rigshospitalet.

 - 2000 - 2003: Magt, viden og profession. PI: Professor ph.d. Margareta Bertilsson, Sociologisk Institut, Københavns Universitet. Finansieret af SSF.



 - 2009: Visiting professor, King's Kollege London

 - 2007-: Member of  The Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters

 - 2007-: Associate Fellow, Kings College, London

 - 2006: Visiting scholar,  School of Economics, London

 - 2002-2005: Visiting scholar, Rokkan Centre, Bergen University

 - 1999: Recipient of the Rosenkjær Prize of The Danish National Radio

 - 1994-2000:  Member of Danish Ethical Council.

 - 1988: Recipient of the Mathilde Prize, Danish Women's Association

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