Melissa C. Lutterodt

Melissa C. Lutterodt

Guest Researcher

Associate Professor

Especially interested in the development of pre-graduate and post-graduate education in particular with regard to General Practice. Research with focus on the development of better premises for medical education regarding optimization of teaching methods both clinical and theoretical as well as pedagogical approaches.

For a number of years primary research area were pregnancy, pregnant women, fertility and children. Still involved in this.

Current research

Involved in research collaboration on the Interpreter Act, a collaboration between the Center for Research and Education in General Medicine and the Research Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Health.

Contributor on a research project concerning pregnant women in general practice and associated with the Family Wellbeing Project regarding children's mental health.

Involved in a research project concerning doctor's empathy towards patients, led by Dr. Kaisu Koski, Academy research fellow, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, Tampere University, Finland

Teaching and supervisor

Teaching medical student:

-         Early Patient Contact (1st semester BA)

-         Main course in General Practice (6th semester KA.)

-         Supervisor for Bachelor and Master students

Further postgraduate lecturer on the course ‘Research training’ for doctors during their specialization.

Clinical supervisor for medical students in general practice.

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