Niels de Fine Olivarius

Niels de Fine Olivarius


My main interest is clinical epidemiology. I wish e.g. to make analyses of follow up data from general practice usable for clinicians - including finding a way from the generalizations of epidemiology to the individualization of treatments in daily clinical work. Doing this, I have often used diabetes as a model disease. In recent years I have had an increasing focus on clinical biochemistry and multimorbidity using national registries, established study cohorts and clinical databases. Comorbidity remains, however, an important research topic when it comes to improving the quality of the treatment of patients with multiple chronic diseases in general practice – e.g. when it comes to screening for and intensifying treatment of physical diseases in patients with severe mental illness.

Primary fields of research

Clinical epidemiology (including intervention research / randomized trials, cohort studies and registry research), clinical biochemistry, health services research, diabetes (including mortality, weight, course of treatment and diabetic retinopathy), multimorbidity, comorbidity, research guidance, dynamic strategy development.

Current research

Involved in the planning, development, execution and analysis of e.g. "The Diabetes Care in General Practice (DCGP) Study", "The Copenhagen Primary Care Differential Count (CopDiff) Database", "The Copenhagen Primary Care Laboratory (CopLab) Database", "Asthma and Bronchiolitis in Children in General Practice", and "A cluster randomised, parallel-group, 5-year trial of coordinated, co-produced care to reduce the excess mortality of patients with severe mental illness by improving the treatment of their comorbid physical conditions (The Phy-Psy Trial)."

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