Mapping intentions to adopt fertility protective behaviours: the role of couple congruence and the importance of relationship and fertility awareness

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  • Juliana Pedro
  • Joana Fernandes
  • Schmidt, Lone
  • Maria E. Costa
  • Mariana V. Martins

Several studies worldwide have shown that reproductive-aged people often have inadequate fertility awareness (FA). Since attitudes and health behaviours are influenced by the partner, there is a need for studies exploring the role of these influences on the individuals' adoption of fertility protective behaviours (FPB). This study explores the role of FA and relationship quality on couples' intention to adopt FPB. One hundred and twelve childless couples answered an online questionnaire about reproductive life plan, FA and intentions to adopt FPB. The results showed that couples were moderately congruent on their reproductive life plan. The female partners who reported higher female relationship quality and higher female willingness to undergo fertility treatments were more willing to adopt FPB. The male partners who had heightened FA also reported higher intention to adopt FPB. The influences of male and female FA, relationship quality and congruence on reproductive life plan were neither associated with couples' congruence on the intention to adopt FPB. Although the cross-sectional design restricts our ability to draw causal conclusions, these findings emphasize that future interventions should be targeted at couples and designed according to their expectations and reproductive desires.

Original languageEnglish
JournalHuman Fertility
Issue number5
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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  • Couples, fertility awareness, reproductive life plan, health behaviours, relationship quality, ASSISTED REPRODUCTION, UNIVERSITY-STUDENTS, DECISION-MAKING, INFERTILITY, ATTITUDES, QUALITY, LIFE, INTERDEPENDENCE, KNOWLEDGE, FEMALE

ID: 276229311