Recommendations for ethnic equity in health: A Delphi study from Denmark

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Aims A key issue in public health is how to approach ethnic inequities. Despite an increased focus on the health of people from ethnic minorities in the last 15 years, significant ethnic health inequities still exist in Denmark. These arise during pregnancy and are exacerbated by higher rates of exposure to health risks during the life course. This study aimed to formulate recommendations on both structural and organisational levels to reduce ethnic health inequities. Methods Nine decision-makers - representing municipalities, regions, the private sector and voluntary organisations in Denmark - participated in the formulation of recommendations inspired by the Delphi method. The consensus process was conducted in three rounds during spring 2020, resulting in eight overall recommendations, including suggestions for action. Results The recommendations address both structural and organisational levels. They aim to strengthen: 1) health policies and strategies related to the needs of people from ethnic minorities, including health literacy, linguistic, cultural and social differences; 2) health-promoting local initiatives developed in co-creation with people from ethnic minorities; 3) health promotion and prevention from a life course perspective with a focus on early intervention; 4) cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaborations that facilitate transitions and coordination; 5) competencies of professionals in terms of cultural knowledge, awareness, reflexivity and skills; 6) access to healthcare services by increasing information and resources; 7) interpreting assistance for, and linguistic accessibility to, healthcare services; 8) documentation and intervention research. Conclusions To reduce ethnic health inequities, it is crucial that Danish welfare institutions, including their strategies, approaches and skills of employees, are adapted to serve an increasingly heterogeneous population.

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Book seriesScandinavian Journal of Public Health
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  • Inequity, ethnic minorities, Delphi method, recommendations, health policies, health promotion, cultural competences, access to healthcare, interpreters, Denmark, SELF-PERCEIVED HEALTH, CULTURAL COMPETENCE, IMMIGRANTS, POPULATION, MINORITIES, MIGRANTS, SERVICES

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