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Henriette Langstrup

Henriette Langstrup

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

The overall aim of my research is to understand and discuss the social and organisational implications of technologies and arrangements aiming at improving clinical work and treatment through patient-involvement and self-care. I have a particular interest in understanding the implications of the decentering of healthcare practices taking place through healthcare ICT and other arrangements that aim at increasing patients involvement in their own care and in the healthcare system at large (e.g. telehomecare, health apps, self-care programs, home-treatment, patient education and user-driven innovation). Additionally, I am interested in understanding the local implications of the global dessimination of socalled welfare technologies. Being thoroughly informed by and contributing to the field of Science and Technology Studies, I seek to study healthcare ICT as part of broader ecologies of care and sociotechnical infrastructures, not as bounded technologies with pre-established effects. Thus, in the recent years my research has been concerned with how ICT and self-care programs for chronic patients mediate and change the relations between medical professionals and patients, between medical experts and lay people and between institutional settings and private settings. Methodologically I work with qualitative, ethnographic approaches also contributing to the development of these methods. 

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