Anja Marie Bornø Jensen

Anja Marie Bornø Jensen

Associate Professor

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Primary fields of research

Qualitative methods and research ethics. Medical anthropology and medical technology. Organ donation and organ transplantation. Science and Technology Studies. Perceptions of the body and death, as well as the problems surrounding the brain death criteria. Sense-making strategies, grieving processes, hope, heroism, identity, narratives, gift exchange, commodification and kinship and relatedness.

Current research

I am Associate Professor in Medical Anthropology. Over the years, I have done in-depth research on organ donation and transplantation in Denmark and the US conducting long term field studies among donor families, health care professionals and organ recipients. 

In 2019 I recieved the Carlsberg Foundation Monograph Fellowship. And in 2014, I recieved a Senior Research Stipend from the Danish Heart Foundation. 

I am the Co-director of Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies

I am vice project-leader on the ERC project POLICYAID (PI Klaus Høyer) focusing on the increased data sourcing in Danish healthcare. In this project I investigate how data can improve the transplant process and what data does for the the transplant coordinators and policy makers. I am also a member of the Semper Ardens project MEINWE (PI Mette Nordahl Svendsen) investigating personlized medicine in the Danish Welfare State. 

I have also done research on how the pig is used in Danish experimental transplant research, on family refusals in organ donation, on the professional challenges of transplant professionals and on the experiences of Danish and American donor families. 

I am the course manager of "Qualitative methods and analysis" at the Master of Public Health programme.

Selected publications:

Jensen, A. MB. (2022). Making it Happen: Data Practices and the Power of Diplomacy among Danish Organ Transplant Coordinators. BioSocieties

Jensen, A. MB., & Hoeyer, K. (2021). Making sense of donation: Altruism, Duty, and Incentives. I S. L. Hansen, & S. Schicktanz (red.), Ethical Challenges of Organ Transplantation Current Debates and International Perspectives (1 udg.). Transcript Verlag.

Jensen, A. M.B., & Svendsen, M. N. (2020). Collaborative intimacies: How research pigs in Danish organ transplantation facilitate medical training, moral reflection and social networking. MAT Medicine Anthropology Theory7(2), 120-149.

Jensen, A. M. B., & Larsen, J. B. (2020). The public debate on organ donation and presumed consent in Denmark: Are the right issues being addressed? Scandinavian Journal of Public Health48(5), 480-485.

Jensen, A. M. B. (2017). Guardians of 'the gift': the emotional challenges of heart and lung transplant professionals in Denmark. Anthropology & Medicine24(1), 111-126.

Jensen, A. M. B.  (2016). "Make Sure Somebody Will Survive From This": Transformative Practices of Hope Among Danish Organ Donor Families. Medical Anthropology Quarterly30(3), 378–394.



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