Signe Smith Jervelund

Signe Smith Jervelund

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

My scientific main interest lies within the field of health services research with a particular focus on access to, use and outcomes of healthcare services, including social and ethnic inequalities. Likewise, my focus areas are the structure and function of the healthcare system, continuity of care and quality of care in a national and international comparative perspective.

Former and current research projects include migrants’ access to and utilization of health care services in Europe and the U.S.; quality of care; video consultations; asylum-seeking children's mental health, refugees' integration within health, education, and labour marked as well as intervention studies regarding healthcare-seeking behavior, better pregnancy outcomes and mental health among young newcomers.

I have competencies within a range of research methods, including epidemiological studies using surveys, registries and medical record data, complex intervention studies, systematic reviews and qualitative methods.

Applied research, multidisciplinary approaches, development of educational curriculum and dissemination of research are important elements of my work. 

I am the Danish editor of Scandinavian Journal of Public Health and Leader of the Scientific Committee of Danish Public Health Society.

Current research

Signe Smith Jervelund is involved in a number of research projects within the areas of health services research, intervention research as well as migration and health

  • Patients and specialist doctors' experiences with videoconsultations (Screened?)
  • Promoting access to early cancer diagnosis in Latin American Healthcare systems (EquityCancer-LA)
  • The effects of psychosocial school-based interventions to promote mental health and wellbeing among newcomers (RefugeeWellSchool)
  • Equity in access to and use of healthcare services

Please see the publication list for most recent publications


I teaches/lectures primarily in organization of the health care system, health economics and prioritizing in health care, quality and evaluation, health politics and health care reforms, complex interventions as well as migration and health at the University of Copenhagen:

  • Bachelor- and Master education in Public Health
  • Medicine
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • Master of Global Health
  • Master of Health Innovation (together with CBS)

I am the course director of "The structure, management and economics of the healthcare system" at MPH, and I am co-course director of "Statistics, Epidemiology and Medical Sociology (SEMS) on the part of the course on the structure and function of the healthcare system" at the medical education.

I supervises bachelor, master and PhD students.

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