Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl

Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

How do novel medical and digital technologies aimed at individualizing prevention, diagnosis and treatment shape our understandings of personhood, health and disease, and the good life?


In my research, I seek answers to these questions by exploring the simultaneous and mutually constitutive personalization and digitization of health services, and the implications for health professionals, patients and the organization and delivery of healthcare. Methodologically, I conduct (participant) observation in clinical settings and qualitative interviews with health professionals, researchers and patients. The specific empirical fields, I have investigated and investigate, are dementia diagnostics and care, and genomic medicine and the development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cardiology. Theoretically, I draw upon Science and Technology Studies and anthropology. My research forms part of the larger research projects Personalized Medicine in the Welfare State, MeInWe, headed by Professor Mette N. Svendsen (read more about MeInWe here), and Precision Diagnostics and Predictions in Ischemic Heart Disease, PM Heart, headed by Professor and Senior Consultant, Henning Bundgaard.  

Teaching and supervision

Qualitative methods

The Danish health care system with focus on digital infrastructures


Co-director of the Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies (MeST), Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

ID: 49710596