Laura Elina Pirhonen Nørmark

Laura Elina Pirhonen Nørmark

Assistant Professor

Member of:

    MSc in Economics from University of Gothenburg and PhD in health economics evaluating person-centred care interventions from a health-economic perspective. Currently involved in "Retirement and Health" project based at the University of Copenhagen and main health economist in multi-country RCT on life-style intervention for women at risk of pregnancy diabetes.


    Primary fields of research

    Economic evaluation, pregnancy diabetes, retirement and health


    Teaching social medicine at Public Health, Implementation and Evaluation for Health and Informatics master students and health economics for master students at Copenhagen Business School.


    Supervisor for areas in public health, social medicine, economic evaluation, health economics.

    Possible conflicts of interest

    No potential conflicts of interest.

    Fields of interest

    Economic evaluation, person-centred care, gestational diabetes, health and retirement.

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