Angela Pinot de Moira

Angela Pinot de Moira


Primary fields of research

Current research

My primary research interests centre around the 'old friends' hypothesis, an adaptation of the hygiene hypothesis, which broadly proposes that microbial exposures early in life are essential for the normal development of the immune system.

I am currently funded by a Lundbeck Foundation grant to investigate how animal exposures during pregnancy and early-life influence the gut microbiome and the risk of immuno-dysregulatory diseases such as asthma and allergy.

I am also involved in the EU LifeCycle project, which is a cross-cohort collaboration, aiming to bring together data from several European and Australian birth cohorts into one, sustainable data resource known as the EU Child Cohort Network.


Past research

My previous research focused on the immuno-epidemiology of helminth infections in East Africa, including how these parasitic worms may help protect against asthma and allergy.

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