Sara Hallum

Sara Hallum

PhD fellow

Primary fields of research

My primary field of interest is centered around perinatal epidemiology, and more specifically the influence of pregnancy and pregnancy complications on women's later-life health. I am part of the research group 'Microchimerism and Epidemiology' (ME), which studies the bidirectional trafficking of fetal and maternal cells during pregnancy - phenomena known as fetal and maternal microchimerism, respectively - and the impact of microchimerism on maternal and offspring health. 

Current research

In my PhD, I am investigating whether the increased risk of cardiovascular disease observed among women with a history of preeclampsia can be ascribed to the persistent presence of cells of fetal origin naturally aquired during pregnancy, and especially during preeclamptic pregnancies - a phenomenon known as fetal origin microchimerism. 


I am teaching the following courses:

  • Introduction to Epidemiology, Bachelor, Public Health 
  • Epidemiological Methods, Bachelor, Health & Informatics

ID: 182566234