Sara Hallum Søndergaard

Sara Hallum Søndergaard

Guest researcher, Guest Researcher

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    Primary fields of research

    My primary field of interest is centered around the influence of pregnancy and pregnancy complications on women's later-life health. I am part of the research group 'Microchimerism Epidemiology' (ME), which studies the bidirectional trafficking of fetal and maternal cells during pregnancy - phenomena known as fetal and maternal microchimerism, respectively - and the impact of microchimerism on maternal and offspring health. 

    Current research

    In my PhD, I am investigating whether the persistence of cells of presumed fetal origin in women's blood is associated with later-life risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, I investigate whether preeclampsia, a serious complication of pregnancy, can be used to detect women at increased risk of cardiovascular disease early in life. 


    I am teaching the following courses:

    • Epidemiologi 1, Bachelor, Public Health 
    • Epidemiologi 2, Bachelor, Public Health
    • Epidemiological Methods, Bachelor, Health & Informatics

    I also supervise bachelor and master students within subjects of pregnancy, microchimerism, and women's longterm health. 

    ID: 182566234