GoTO: A Process-Navigation Tool for Telehealth and -Care Solutions, Designed to Ensure an Efficient Trajectory from Goal Setting to Outcome Evaluation

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  • Kayser, Lars
  • Dorthe Furstrand
  • Emil Nyman Rasmussen
  • Ann-Catrine Monberg
  • Astrid Karnoe

Objectives: The digital transformation of the healthcare sector involves the procurement and implementation of new health technologies, which will likely be a challenge to healthcare providers who are not part of large organizations. In response to the needs of small and middle-sized health and care organizations, we have developed a process navigator to guide providers of healthcare through the processes of innovation, the procurement of mature products, and their implementation in telehealth and telecare projects. Methods: A narrative overview identified health-technology-assessment-inspired models. Conversations with national and international colleagues identified project and implementation models. The origin of the included models was identified, and relevant articles were referred to to describe the essential principles, including the nature of stakeholder involvement and the evaluation processes when appropriate. Based on the inputs, we proposed the process navigator GoTO. Results: Six health-technology-assessment-inspired models, six project models, one implementation model, and one innovation model were identified and informed the creation of the GoTO process navigator. The navigator consists of four parts: inception (eight steps); materialization (three tracks, depending on the maturity of the planned solution); implementation (five steps); and the final assessment and evaluation. Conclusion: The GoTO process navigator is an intuitive guide for innovation, procurement, and implementation in telehealth and -care. The GoTo navigator can assist providers of digital health and care services throughout the process from the initial identification of goals to the final evaluation of outcomes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number69
Issue number3
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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  • health technology assessment, project model, implementation, telehealth, telecare, HEALTH, REVIEWS

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