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Bachelor's Programmes

The following Bachelor's Programmes are based at the Department of Public Health:

Bachelor's Programme in Public Health Science

(Teaching in Danish)

This Bachelor's Programme in Public Health Science educates students to identify, analize, understand and prepare solutions for health challenges in Denmark and abroad.

During the three year's bachelor's programme and a two-year master's degree, the students learn about anatomy, the structure and organization of the Danish health care system, statistics and interview techniques.

It is an interfaculty programme meaning that elements from health-, social- an natural sciences are incorporated.

Teaching at the Bachelor's programme in Public Health Science is mainly conducted by faculty from Department of Public Health through basic as well as advanced courses (taught in Danish and English) and supervision of written assignments and internships.

Read more about the structure of the programme, admission requirements etc. for Bachelor's programme in Public Health Sciences (in Danish only).

Bachelor’s Programme in Health Informatics

(Teaching in Danish)

The programme in Health Informatics is giving the students the necessary knowledge, skills and competence to be able to design, plan, implement and evaluate the development of new technological health solutions to the benefit of the population – nationally as well as internationally.

Health informatics is an interdisciplinary science and you will be working with design, development, adaptation and implementation of health centered IT solutions such as electronic patient records, telemedicine and apps for hospitals, municipalities and the patient’s home.

The Bachelor’s Programme in Health and Informatics is a collaboration between Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and University of Copenhagen.

Read more about the Bachelor’s Programme in Health and Informatics (in Danish only)

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