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Professional Education

The following professional educations are based at the Department of Public Health:

Master of Public Health (MPH)

(Teaching in Danish)

The two year study at MPH is divided into one year of full time studies and one year of part time studies. The master gives you knowledge about prevention, health promotion and best practice in health care systems. The master also gives you insight into quantitative and qualitative research methods from the resarch areas like health research, epidemiology and evaluation research, sociology and psycology, health system research, health economics, political.

Read more about MPH at the Faculty website (In Danish only).

Link to website for MPH students (in Danish only).

Master of Disaster Management (MDMa)

Experience from recent major disasters, changes in the humanitarian field, the changing nature of conflict, and climate change impact all have made it clear that a holistic approach to disasters and crisis management is needed to substantially reduce losses and deal with new challenges the current system seems ill equipped to respond to.

Our ten year long Master of Disaster Management (MDMa) programme takes an inter-disciplinary and intersectoral approach to understand and unpack the complexities and uncertainties associated with disasters. In particular, the programme builds on taking a risk reduction perspective.

The MDMa programme brings a perfect balance of theory and practice. The programme is informed by our research at the Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research, as well as from experts from the field brought in as guest lecturers.

The Master of Disaster Management consists of 60 ECTS earned through four intensive core courses, two elective courses and a thesis.
The programme starts in September and ends in July the following year.

Here is your gateway to a career in the humanitarian/disaster risk reduction sector!
For more information on the programme, please visit-

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