Thomas Scheike

Thomas Scheike


Member of:

    Resarch topics

    • Survival analyses
    • Statistical genetics
    • Competing risks data
    • Timereg package for R
    • Dependence for multivariate event history data
    • Mets package for genetital modellling



    Analyses of survival data, biostatistics


    Statistical genetics in particular in the context of time to event data and aimed and twin and famlly studies sampled in differet ways.


    Statitstical software  for R


    • Timereg package for survival analysis
    • Mets package for multivariate polygenetic modelling


    I teach courses primarily  for medical phd students in


    • Survival analysis
    • Statitstical use of software
    • Medical statiistics
    • Methods for twin and family studies


    In addition to courses for phd students in statistics/biostatistics in


    • Survival analysis
    • Statistical methods for familial aggregation


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