The PartoMa Project: Enabling best possible childbirth care in Tanzania

Photo: Dan Meyrowitsch

Closing the gap between clinical guidelines and low-resource realities

Since 2014, the PartoMa project has developed and implemented simple and locally achievable clinical guidelines and associated training. We aim to assist birth attendants in busy low-resource maternity units in delivering best possible safe and respectful care at birth.

Our finalized 4-years study in Zanzibar’s tertiary hospital from 2014-2018 revealed how simple,locally-tailored guidelines and training could assist birth attendants in delivering more timely and safe care to women giving birth. The results were encouraging, and concurrently survival during birth improved significantly.

In 2019, the PartoMa team began a new 5-year research project in Tanzania. The project aims to investigate whether the PartoMa pilot intervention from Zanzibar can be modified and scaled to other low-resource maternity units.

Latest PartoMa news: Read our correspondence to the Lancet Global Health on how the COVID-19 response may counteract years of arduously achieved improvements for maternal health in low-resource settings

Watch this 7-minutes video of the PartoMa intervention in action!





















































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