List of supervisors and their field of research

Ingelise Andersen, associate professor: Social epidemiology and social inequality, cardio-vascular diseases and depression

Anne Mette Bender, postdoc: Epidemiology, social epidemiology, prevention, health impact assessments

Jan Christensen, associate professor: Rehabilitation, coherent patient care, design and evaluation of complex and pragmatic interventions, evaluation of measurement properties, systematic review and meta-analysis

Else Foverskov, assistant professor: Life course epidemiology, social inequality in health, social health determinants, health sociology, ageing, cognitive ageing, causal effects, statistical methods.

Maria Hybholt, associate professor: Qualitative methods, sociological theories (including Elias, Goffman, Bourdieu, Foucault), themes related to everyday life, body, menopause, health promotion, physical activity and training, time pressure, media – all with a focus on women.

Natasja Koitzsch Jensen, assistant professor: Epidemiology, social epidemiology, prevention

Terese Sara Høj Jørgensen, associate professor: Intergenerational perspectives on social inequality in health in old age (social foreground)

Rikke Lund, professor: Social relations, life course studies, social inequality in health and ageing, social medicine, social epidemiology

Ole Steen Mortensen, clinical professor: Occupational Medicine, sickness absence, social inequality, functional capacity, quality of life

Jannie Nielsen, associate professor: Epidemiology, social relations, dyadic relationships, cardiometabolic conditions including obesity and diabetes, high-, middle and low-income countries

Charlotte Juul Nilsson, associate professor: Gerontology, social epidemiology, social inequality in health, social medicine, social relations

Laura Pirhonen Nørmark, assistant professor: Health economics, economic evaluation, cost-effectiveness analysis, retirement transitions, economic evaluation of register- and survey data,  quantitative methods, evaluation of randomized studies,  person-centered care, modelling

Lone Schmidt, professor: Reproduction, infertility

Karsten Thielen, clinical associate professor: Rehabilitation, social inequality in health, social consequences of sickness, labour market and occupational health 

Ulla Marie Toft, clinical professor: Prevention research with focus on complex interventions and prevention strategies. Prevention in local communities and municipalities.

Ditte Vassard, external lecturer: Reproductive health, epidemiology.

Sarah Fredsted Villadsen, associate professor: Health promoting and preventive complex interventions; Focus on social and ethnic equality in reproductive health. Combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

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